6 Home Trends: What We’re Seeing

No two homes are quite alike – even if they’re built by the same builder and have the same finishing touches, it’s the homeowner who makes it unique. It’s the personal touches and the personal design style that turns every home – even a beautifully built one – into something special.

And are there ever a lot of design styles to choose from! From classic to contemporary, from farmhouse to colonial – and everything in between, there are enough styles to mix and match and draw from as there are homeowners. There ARE, however, some emerging trends that we in the Real Estate industry get to see on a daily basis, and it’s a pretty cool up-close-and-personal situation that we’re really loving.

Wondering what emerging trends may come out of 2019, or hold strong from years prior?

6 Home Trends: What We’re Seeing

In artwork, less is more:  this is a big one. We’re seeing a lot of beautiful, well-chosen pieces that make a statement. Clean lines, understated accents and sharp details are leaving no room for clutter.

Wallpapers: beautiful floral wallpapers are making a comeback, and it’s one that I’m loving – in moderation.

Patterned Backsplashes: beautifully designed backsplashes are an amazing way to bring interest to your kitchen without overdoing the paint color or art. It’s an interesting contrast to the lasting simple, monochromatic kitchens that have been around for a while. It’s a beautiful way to keep things clean and uncluttered while still adding some interest and personality.

Stand Alone Tubs:  New homeowners are embracing the bath – and it’s something that’s creating absolutely beautiful bathrooms. A tub that’s built for an at-home spa experience has become an amazing selling point – and building requirement – for new homebuyers.

Rich Painted Rooms: For a long time, white has been king, but it’s moodier cousin seems to be gaining ground. Deep, thoughtful colors are making their way into homes and it’s adding some depth that has long been missing.

Modern Farmhouse: This isn’t a new trend-  for the last little while, we’ve been seeing shiplap and board and batten take over both the home and garden channels as well as our pinterest boards and neighborhoods – and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. The modern farmhouse look has become less a design style choice and more of a lifestyle, but it’s one we just can’t argue with. It gives texture and interest and seems to scream ‘down-home American dream.’



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