And the bidding goes to …

We all know how great Utah’s winter sports game is. One version of our license plates are even dedicated to it – if that’s not commitment, I don’t know what is. Skiing Utah is truly an experience that even the most home-grown Utahn doesn’t take for granted – let alone those who visit our fair state for just such an experience.

It’s no surprise, then, that with our abundance of outdoor opportunities, that others have taken note – so much so, in fact, that Salt Lake City has once again been chosen to bid for an upcoming winter Olympic games opportunity.

Yep. There’s a possibility of a repeat 2002 on our hands – with a lot of enthusiasm (and a hefty price tag to boot). 

With the new airport in our corner, and existing venues that will merely need an update and facelift, Salt Lake seems to be in a good place to submit a budget that will underbid it’s competition. The 2002 Olympics cost $2.52 billion, but the proposal for the 2030 Winter Games should come in at around $1.35 billion.

That’s no small chunk of change, but those in the know are optimistic about their chances.

So, what does that mean for Utah? 

The bid won’t be won until possibly the summer of 2023, but the legacy from the 2002 Olympics still holds strong, and it’s likely that a repeat will only increase what Utah has to offer – a fact that is more quickly becoming well known as Utah’s reputation grows not only as a beautiful state for recreation, but a growing powerhouse in the technological business industry.

What a time to be a Utahn! What do you think – is the possibility of another Winter Olympic Games one that you embrace with open arms?

Posted on February 21, 2019 at 7:00 am
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