The Real Estate Sales Process: The Prep

I’m on a mission to open up the real estate process for people. I know that, if it’s not your daily lane, the language and the process can seem a bit overwhelming. That’s understandable – and while I’m always here to help walk you through the process, it still helps to make sure you understand exactly what’s going down when you’re taking on such a big transaction. Let’s get started, then – with a quick overview of the Real Estate Sales Process. For the next few weeks, we’ll dive into each of these pieces a little bit deeper.

The Real Estate Sales Process, in 4 Easy Pieces:

  • The Prep
  • The Market
  • The Contract
  • The Closing

Real Estate Sales Process Step One: The Prep

Overwhelming, isn’t it? That big decision to list your home for sale? It’s a big step, and once it’s made, it seems like the lists and the tasks and the projects just swirl around with no apparent structure. That’s why there are professionals for this (hint, hint!). But just so you know what to expect, when the time comes for you to put your home on the market, getting it ready to hit the market is priority number one.

And that looks like this: 

  • Talking with a professional to get accurate, actionable feedback and direction
  • Improving your curb appeal
    • Paint doors + shutters
    • Trim hedges
    • Mow lawns
    • Seed dead patches
    • Add fresh, colorful potted plants
    • Choose a new welcome mat
  • Declutter, declutter, declutter
    • Clear out overcrowded rooms
    • Pack up knickknacks and books
    • Throw out unnecessary items and papers
  • Depersonalize the space
    • Remove unnecessary heirlooms and family photos
    • Cut back on bold statement pieces
  • Clean out closets and storage cabinets
    • Clean, organize, refresh
  • Make minor repairs
    • Replace floor or counter tiles
    • Patch holes in walls
    • Fix leaky faucets
    • Touch up paint, or apply a fresh coat of neutral paint
    • Replace light bulbs
  • Clean
    • And I mean clean. Scrub your house from top to bottom.
    • Make daily habits of keeping things clutter free and tidied up
    • Clean windows inside and out
    • Pressure wash the outside
    • Purchase fresh new towels and keep them displayed
    • De-oderize

It’s a big job, but the better prepared your home is for potential buyers, the quicker they will be to recognize that your home is the home that they want.

Tune in next week for round two: Real Estate Sales Process Step Two: The Market.

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